Why Magento Search “not so good”

Why Magento Search “not so good”

Magento has e-commerce software many features, where a search can not be missing. I have long time not busy special configures most settings in the backend. It is however noticed time and again that the results agree, but the question of relevance is not really answered.

A closer look at the search, I found that Magento is a table “catalogsearch_fulltext” includes to store the searchable attributes of the products there. There exists a field “data_index” with the type “long text”, where all values ​​with a pipe | are stored separately “”.


Here it is very likely that although products are found, but probably not always the “right”.The “data_index” field also has a FULLTEXT index , so that a search is only possible at all.There are still a number of settings in the backend to customize the search according to his needs rudimentary can.

Magento writes the products found in the table “catalogsearch_result”. It is to put only the link between the search query that is managed in the table “catalogsearch_query”, and the product ID. In addition, there is space for a relevance value but in the database search ever. 1


To display the normal product collection of Magento is used, filtered by the Product ID’s from the results table. All other Informations of and filtering options to be brought outside the Catalog Search Models.

I know a few shop owners who are really satisfied. We as Flimmit themselves have evaluated different community modules to optimize the relevance of the results. Either the Service or the module may be too expensive or the administration too complex. Thus, the joy was great when Cloud Search was born.

What is Amazon Cloud Search

Since more than one year Amazon now offers a search service that is fully managed by AWS. This means that you can start a search instance, defines the index fields and uploads documents. And after a short time you can make queries to obtain the appropriate documents.




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