Why Facebook Delete My Fan Page


Whether you set up a Facebook page for a business that, well, went out of business or for a hobby that you are not involved with anymore, you may want to delete that old Facebook page.

It seem’s easy enough to do. You log into your page, click “delete page” in the settings, receive a message that says the page will be deleted in 14 days, and forget about it. A month later you get an email notification that someone liked your page and are confused because you thought you deleted it. You go to “manage your pages” and, sure enough, it is still there. You are wondering why your Facebook page wasn’t removed.

It’s happened to me and, unfortunately, I don’t have an answer for you.

It’s impossible to get a hold of Facebook to ask for help. I found a couple of questions regarding this issue posted in the Facebook Help community but no one followed up with helpful solutions, including Facebook themselves.

You MAY get some help if you click on the help button in the top right (when logged into your personal profile) and “report an issue with pages”. I didn’t try that though because 1) I don’t have a lot of faith in Facebook answering me and 2) I found a solution.

I merely visited my page and went through the “delete page” process above again. Instead of getting a message that my page would be deleted in 14 days, it instantly disappeared.

There must be some kind of glitch in the page-deleting process. If I find a better answer or solution I will come back and update this post. If you know, please leave a comment explaining.

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