Top tools i like to use these days

Top tools i like to use these days

Google Drive

Who says you need to bring your computer or your external hard drive on your out-of-town trip, after your client tells you that he needs you on call for a project you’re currently working on? Store all your files in the cloud with this free service from Google. With an internet connection, you can create documents, spreadsheets, and presentations anywhere, anytime. Just sign up using your Google account.

Google Hangouts

It’s like Skype, except you don’t need to add your contacts to another app. This is an awesome tool for video and audio conferences, and is available on desktop and mobile.

Freelancer Mobile App

Have some downtime while at the check-out counter of the grocery store? Waiting for your lunch at that hole-in-the-wall restaurant you frequent? Wanting to make better use of the time while going to the bar with your friends? The Freelancer Mobile App makes it easy for freelancers to look for new jobs, bid on various projects, and get work. You can also talk to your employer via the app, making this job-hunting app incredibly versatile.


Whether you’re a social media manager for a business you’re servicing, or you’re managing the promotions of your own small company, HootSuite is the perfect tool to juggle multiple social media accounts. No need to fret about posting at weird hours – you can schedule posts for your Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Tumblr page (among many others)!


This tool allows your team to seamlessly collaborate on multiple projects. Trello organizes tasks, ideas, and files as cards, which are then filed into lists. Team members can customize boards as well as comment on each other’s cards. Projects happening simultaneously? Not a problem. Trello makes it easy for everyone to check on each other’s deadlines.


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