Why I hate Facebook personally as a web designer ?

      1. Like Buttons for your Website

I won’t lie, the reason I joined Facebook was to Publicize my Website/blog and my Youtube videos. While my friend introduced me to the idea of buying views on youtube and its working great, but I still need to master in marketing my personal blog on facebook. The most ubiquitous “Like” button is on every website today. The reason is that if any visitor clicks it, this action will get posted on his/her wall which would be updated in the news feed for his/her friends and some may even click back to check your website. Result is more traffic for your website/blog.


    1. Facebook have trained the Media and popularized the view that Companies, Web-developers can have only one Facebook profile but as many Facebook Pages as you want. The result is that websites/blogs have Facebook Pages and they make like buttons for that Facebook Page. Have you ever wondered who is getting popular by this ? The Facebook page will remain as likes in the users profile. When people click in the news feed they will be routed to Facebook Page and if possible after that, to the website. So who is getting more back-links…its certainly not your website but the Facebook page and in turn Facebook.
    1. Facebook follows Open Graph but never tells openly that they create Facebook Pages for websites with more than 30 likes. I never had any Facebook Page and created “Like button” for my website directly. If I got 30 likes, then Facebook later started to show the admin page to me (you need to add few meta tags). I was happily getting the details and able to connect to the Users through that Facebook Page (called “Admin Page” for website). If my viewers liked it then the link to my website was shared and people would route down to my website.
    1. Everything was OK until the “Facebook Migrate Page” thing started. Now Facebook is stopping this! They have left a window period to migrate this admin page to a normal Facebook Page. It was this warning to migrate that raised my hatred enough to write this post. Due to this I will need to spend more time understanding how to migrate and other details. In their own words the migration will affect

A Facebook admin page will no longer be created for any new Open Graph object page that is annotated with a Like Button social plugin.
With this admin page deprecated, developers will no longer have the ability to publish updates to users who have clicked on a particular Like Button.

    1. Facebook wants the publishers to migrate to a new normal Facebook Page and

The href of the existing Like Button should also be reconfigured to now point to this new Facebook Page.

    1. Wow ! So much for getting more traffic.
      1. Integrate Facebook Into Your Website

Facebook developers page shouts how you could “Integrate Facebook Into Your Website” but the truth is “You are integrating your website into Facebook” ! Facebook calls them Social Plugins. As a blogger I never found any of those plugins helping me as much as they boast of. Social Plugins will work only if the users are already logged into Facebook (most of them are however always logged in) and most are too complicated to integrate (with exception of “Like” buttons).

    1. Social Plugins like Like button, send button, Follow button, Comments, Login button, Registration button are provided by Facebook but each have its own restriction. Neither the Login nor the registration button provides you the details of the users directly. You will have to use some server side coding which are not detailed on its website. The like button will loose its charm if everyone would need to create a Facebook page. I am not sure but send button too will send only to those friends who have facebook account. The Comment box is pure Javascript so the comments are never part of your website but the website area which it uses becomes Facebook part! None of the comments posted will be available to Search engines directly so informative comment will get lost in facebook. Social plugins may vanish later and you need to update (Happened with “Live stream Plugin”)


    1. Each integration means more server load and delay time in loading of your web page content.
      1. Facebook wants Internet to be Facebook

Have you ever seen what Facebook says for Web Applications.

Build a game or app that runs within an I-frame on Facebook.com itself.
    1. So Facebook Apps will work under an I-frame and the file needs to be on your server (yes I am talking about server load). Using I frame for other website content is a strict NO NO by internet standards. It is like stealing anyone else content on your website. But the definition changes when the website owner is himself allowing it on Facebook.
    1. Why would anyone whose website (online gaming are excepted) has great content and apps, put it in an I-frame for Facebook ? Because Facebook can drive more traffic to your website, if the application is well made. You can get more people to join and get more and more permission to access their data …simply said you can go viral using Facebook and it can use your content for its own benefit. SO if everyone puts the website content in I frame all the internet will be Facebook…or am I getting just too paranoid ??
    I also admit that people are making groups, some of which are really good and active but the information always gets lost in the comments and the same doubts and questions are asked repeatedly. A simple googling gives more better results then searching on Facebook. Facebook is not internet and will never be. Just because it started to compete with Google for revenues and ads does not make it internet.

The lure to get traffic from Facebook is not as effective as time spent on SEO by the bloggers. While I admit that Facebook does drive few traffic to my websites but trust me it isn’t enough to lower my hate for Facebook as a blogger.Why I hate Facebook as a web-developer / Publisher ?


Why I hate Facebook personally ?

Why I hate Facebook personally because of :

    1. Its Interface
    2. Ok I admit I am no geek, so I took more than a week to understand the setting and buttons on Facebook. I hate Facebook as it no way supports the KISS(Keep it simple Silly) principle. There are buttons on every nook and cranny demanding some attention and action.


      Once registered you might be guided to fill this or that part simply because Facebook knows that you are lost. Settings have been categorized and then sub-categorized. Most never make sense initially and when you are fed up of the constant reminders, notifications, poking, tagging etc. you will never find which setting to change.


      I thought may be I am the only one until I did a Google trends for “Facebook help”, just check the results and you will understand what I mean.
    1. Privacy Issues
    2. Do I even need to elaborate this! Facebook has always been hated because of their lack of Privacy. Facebook was made for people to connect & socialize. Perhaps Mr Zuck never guessed that millions will connect in so fast without even realizing that Facebook is about sharing almost everything. Users started to hate facebook because of this and in came Google and Google+ corrected this. Facebook was later forced to add Privacy settings and now you can choose with whom you want to share.


      Even after enhanced Privacy settings still some countries believe that Tagging is a serious violation of User Privacy. I personally never add any private photos on Facebook profile but my friends can easily upload any group picture and anyone can Tag it. Now I have the option of un-tagging my picture and also reporting to Facebook….great ! Others can add you to Facebook Groups, but hey, you can leave that group later !
    1. Lack of Control and Timeline
    2. I cannot change the Interface in anyway. I cannot choose the colour or the template or anything about how Facebook may look however Facebook can always keep testing their ideas and later without asking change it to frightening “Timeline”. Timeline what ???


      I told before, I hate Facebook interface and learned to navigate in a week or so and when I was a bit comfortable they changed it to Timeline. Should I bother to understand the timeline, hell I would!
    1. Notifications and Emails
    2. There is a very thin line between Notification/Reminders and SPAM. Facebook used it to its benefit. Whether you want it or not people keep tagging and adding you in Groups and Facebook would flood you with notifications. There are Game requests and notifications for that too. I never played a single game and yet am flooded with Game requests !


      Thankfully Facebook reduced the E-mails sent else whenever I would not be able to get online for a week or so, it would fill my Inbox and bombard me with reminders and notifications.
    1. Waste of Time
    2. I log into Facebook and 99% of times I see “Good Morning”, “Good Evening”,”Hi” with no other updates. Then there are people who would update almost everything e.g. when they wake up, eat, sleep, f*rt, etc. I think Facebook has given this false belief to everyone that they matter online. Everyone is there to write their opinion and I am forced to skim through a lot of Garbage.


      I also waste time by un-tagging and leaving bizarre groups which I am added regularly. While I changed the setting already yet I wonder how this thing never stops.


    There are people who are in a race to have more friends than some other idiot and you will get Friend requests from people whom you do not know.

While I may hate the Facebook yet this website is viral. Can you believe that there almost 8-10% fake profiles on Facebook. So think about it ! There are millions who waste not only their time but even yours with more than 1 profile ! I have met people who spend hours everyday online liking, sharing, tagging, grouping, gaming, posting, following and what not on Facebook. They tell me “Time has killed them, now they are killing time through Facebook”. Do they realize that at the end of the day they are doing “nothing” in real sense !Why I hate Facebook as a User ?





Choosing between facebook Like vs Share

Choosing between facebook Like vs Share is confusing to most webmasters. I am not someone who is very active on Social networking websites but for sure they do drive great traffic to website if used properly! For years I used the like buttons on my website at bottom of content and always kept wondering why is it not effective ??

I checked my Facebook Insight recently and found interesting fact, performance of Facbook Like vs Share buttons, as shown below.

It seems like Facebook Share generates more Impression on facebook compared to Facebook like. While nobody can be sure about it and Facebook may keep changing the impression percentage for Like & Share, yet logically sharing of your website content on Facebook will get posted on Users walls or groups. These sharing will last forever (until deleted), will continuously generate traffic to your website and gather more likes on facebook itself.

To test this I changed all Social media buttons on my website and switched from Like to Share on 11 Dec 2013. The Like/Share count number is not shown to reduce page-load time and better user experience. Insights better monitored and will update soon who wins in this battle of




Facebook Like vs Share !Facebook Like vs Share



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