some useful tips for speed up magento website

some useful tips for speed up magento website
Internet speed

some useful tips for speed up magento website

some useful tips for speed up magento website
Internet speed

Magento Version Up To Date

First of all Check Your magento running version ensure your are running the latest version of magento . New releases version often inlude improvenments and also patches which affects performance . So First Update to latest relase magento version .

Enable Flat Catalog

Magento uses the eav model to store customer and product data . This enables objects to be incredibly extensible , but results in longer SQL queries an more. Enable Flat Catalog For products and categories in the magento admin panel .
Step -> System (Top Menu)-> Configuation -> Catalog (left nav) -> Catalog (Main Page) . “Use Flat Catalog Category” “Use Flat Catalog Product” To Yes<

Cache System

When Site Is Ready To go Live . Go to System -> Cache Managemnt . Select All and Set Action To “Enable” Then Click On Submit . This is step to turn on cache system in magento store .

Also Use Full Page Cache System . Such As
Use Technologies APC, Memcached and eAccelerator.
Merge Css And JS Files
A Magento store can have many CSS and JAVASCRIPT Files And there will be more that come with other extensions . Use minimum third party extensions .

Go to mangeto admin panel System (Top Menu) –> Configuration –> Advanced (Left Nav) –> Developer (Main Page) . Set (Merge Javascript) and (Merge Css) File to yes . All Doing With This All Css And JS Files Into One File Which Make Page Load Faster Also Fewer Number of Requests .

Use File Compression
Enabling file comperssion for your text MIMe types . To activate this go to your cpanel–> Optimize Website .

On the optimize Website select compress the specified MIME
Text text/plain text/xml.

Compress image file using a Adobe photoshop to reduce images file size also optimizee for web.

Adobephotoshop -> File -> Save for web

Edit .htaccess File
Go to file manager and edit your .htaccess Codes. Turn on apache mod_deflate module which Compresses text , css and javasript files. To enable this function uncomment below lines looks like the following .

Enable Expires Headers
Browser use expires headers to determine how long a page component be cached . component like images and etc. To turn on Expires Headers Uncoment Below and add (ExpiresActive On ) See Below .

Magento Compiler
To enable Magento Compiler ToolYou Will Get A 200% FAster Speed To Turn on This Module
Magento Admin Panle -> System -> Tools -> Compilation -> Run Complier

Optimize MySQl Config.
Editing by my.cnf file Optimize you MySQL service . As there many factors to consider there is on single configuration that suits all casess . Set Up you MySQl Based on the resources .

Optimize Database
Maintain And Cleaning your old Cache and log records Can Greatly speed up your magento site Database . Grows big size due to large log tables and Might be a good idea to regulary perform clean up manitenance .
Click Here to get Clean up Script And Guidenace .

Web Hosting
Always Choose A Better Magento Web hosting Service . It Will Also Help you to speed up your website . Click here to get Top Magento Hosting Providing Website .

As per my concern go with amazon cloud server.

If Your Are facing Any Problem To Speedup Contact Me I Will Do it For u :)

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