Some blogging tips what i read so far

Some blogging tips what i read so far


After wrting so many contents and read so many different post that how i can do better blogging i am going to share with you some of my ideas and tips.

1. I write some good post and wait for vistiors and traffic dont feel me good.

Blogging isn’t just writing epic content. There’s got to be time for other small things too. And they add up.

2.Post per day

When you post everyday, you have less time to promote your posts, less time to plan your posts, and less time to create assets for your online business.

3.Open your website for guest bloggers.

4.Dont make too much catchy lines and you dont have that satisfactory answers to your blog headlines.

5. Use Social share plugins above or below post.

6.Create some better backlinks.

7.Comment your website below in this post 😛


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