Reasons for Migrate to Magento platform

Reasons for Migrate to Magento platform

Choosing a wrong eCommerce platform is worst decision an ecommerce retailer can make. There are countless ecommerce platforms available in the market and undoubtedly there are amazing in their own ways, but when it comes to extensible functionality, these are way behind than every body’s favorite ecommerce platform- Magento.

Are you one of those ecommerce merchants who made a mistake of choosing wrong ecommerce platform? Don’t worry ! It’s not the end of the world. It’s not too late for you to migrate your ecommerce store to magento platform.

Why Migrate to Magento is Essential For You?

A successful online store is a result of great shopping experience and guaranteed customer satisfaction. But while accessing your online store, if your customer often complains about poor navigation or is completely dissatisfied with the tracking order system, statistics and other marketing features available on your eCommerce website, it can frustrate the user big time and he/she may never return to your store again. Being the store owner, managing all the issues of the store can be an uphill task and guess what ! It hurts even more when you end up spending more money on developers and programmers to resolve those issues.

The Stores built on eCommerce platforms like Yahoo Store and Big Commerce seem to be a good choice in the beginning, but when you face certain glitches (as mentioned above), it can make one’s life hell in the long run. If you want your store to rank well in the search engines, Yahoo Store is an out-of-date eCommerce platform from SEO standards.

What’s worse? It does not accept Google Wallet payments. Whereas Big Commerce though easy lacks designing sense. It has limited third party-app support and makes customization extremely difficult.

In Shopify creating your own extensions and plug-ins can be very complex and if you wish you to migrate from Shopify to any other eCommerce platform like Magento, your entire store and other relevant data will be deleted permanently.

Magento is the most reliable eCommerce platform often regarded as the “Platform for Growth”. Hence, migrating from Yahoo to Magento or BigCommerce to Magento can overcome all the crimps of your existing store in terms of performance, SEO, usability, custom features, and customer support.

Migrating to Magento is the Real Deal

Being an online store owner, your aim is to keep your customers happy. If you are facing similar flip-flops with your existing eCommerce store, migrating to Magento can produce a wonderful shopping experience for customers. Migrating to magento is a guaranteed fix to maximize ROI.

Magento is trusted by the world’s leading brands and has inspired the website migration experts of Hiremagentodeveloper to come with different Magento Development Services that suit the requirements of businesses of all verticals. By virtue of a qualified team of Magento certified developer, we also offer Magento Support and Maintenance services. Explore our well defined Magento Plans that come with 60-Day Bug Free Support.

If you have any questions about migrating to magento or Magento Migration services we offer, then feel free to contact us.

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