Flatastic : Fluid Responsive Magento Theme


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Flatastic : Fluid Responsive Magento Theme


General :

  • Retina Ready : Theme looks great not only on desktop but also in all major mobile devices
  • Code Standard : Fully Commented Code and follow 100% magento code standard so it’s easy to customize theme and install magento extension
  • Unmatched Support : Strong ticket system to track and solve your query or issue. 89% On time Resolution
  • Advance Admin Options : Tons of admin options. Settings and Options are categorised properly so easy to customise and maintain
  • Customizable Design : You can change visual appearance of the theme at almost every element

Layout Options :

  • Layout Customization : Enable to set full width layout or boxed layout. Admin can Create Unique Layout with the help of layout options
  • Responsive Fluid Grid : Enable to set On / Off Fluid Grid. If fluid will be enabled, theme will automatically set layout contents to use maximum space. If disabled, width will changed on break points
  • Customizable Responsive Layout : Select maximum width of the layout or specify your custom width
  • Background Options : Ability to set layout background colours, textures or image from admin panel
  • Unlimited Colors : Unlimited colours options. Admin is able to define colours of almost every elements of the layout
  • Google Fonts : Integrated Google web fonts

Header Options :

  • Header Style : Integrated 4 different types of headers. You can apply setting and options to design your custom header
  • Background Options : Admin is able to set background texture, color or image
  • Fonts & Colors : Select fonts from integrated google fonts. Link colours and text colors can be define easily
  • Custom Blocks : Ability to define any content like store time, phone no etc
  • Logo : Ability to upload your store logo from admin panel without update HTML or CSS files
  • Sticky Header : Able to set enable or disable sticky header with logo from admin panel

Homp page :

  • Columns Customization : Ability to define full width, 2 column or 3 column layout. Enable/disable Magento’s default sidebar blocks on home page
  • Easy Banner Manager : It contains banner manager. Ability to manage banners easily from admin panel. Just upload banner images and assign
  • Slideshow / Banners : Fully customisable using owl slider banners. Full width slide show or fixed width slide show can be adjust from admin panel
  • Custom Blocks : Custom blocks are available at many places to put your own contents or graphics. Enable / Disable custom blocks on homepage and sidebar blocks
  • Category Sidebar : Enable / Disable category side bar
  • Custom Tabs : Able to define custom tabs and assign products to display on homepage
  • Blog Integrated : Show On/Off blog section on homepage
  • Bestseller Section : Enable / Disable best seller section on homepage
  • Dynamic Brand Slider : Display brands using sliders and using selection of any brands, it will display all related brands products
  • Responsive Columns : Compose page content using in-built grid system

Product Sliders :

  • 4 Types of Products Slider : There are 4 types of product sliders featured products, best sellers, new products and sale products
  • Touch Enabled Responsive Slider : Fully responsive touch based product sliders. It will work almost all devices
  • Multiple Sliders : Able to define multiple sliders on homepage
  • Random Products : Able to define any products in any sliders from admin panel. It can be random products
  • Lazy Loading : Load products using lazy loading effect. Product images will load while scrolling

Category Listing View :

  • Fluid Products Grid : Select number of products displayed in a single row on category page. Display from 2 to 8 products per row. On wide screens the number of columns will be automatically increased to display more products in a row
  • Category Custom Blocks or Banners : Ability to define custom contents of your categories and define banners as wide or fixed
  • Category Sidebar : Configure additional sidebar blocks from admin panel. Ability to on/off category list
  • Alternate Images : Ability to show on/off altername product image on mouse hover
  • Customizable Product Grid : 2 Types of Inbuilt product grid design. Show on/off elements of the product grid like add to cart, add to compare, add to wishlist, rating, price
  • Ajax Based Shop by Features : Ajax based ajax add to cart feature
  • Product Grid Design : Able to enbale/disable shadow, border of the product grid
  • Category Layout : It can be full width, one column or 2 column layout options from admin panel

Product Options :

  • Products Grid Display Option : 2 Types of product grid design. Able to enable / disable grid border and shadow. Admin is able to define prodcut grid background color & hover effect. Easily display On/Off add to cart button, ratings, price, product name, add to wish list, add to compare button & quick view
  • Product Hover Option : Enable / Disable to display another product image when mouse hover effect. Ability to show add to cart option on mouse hover or show add to card option by default
  • Color Options : Ability to define colors of product name, price, add to cart button, hover background color, hover text color
  • Compare and Wishlist : Ability to show On / Off compare product link and wish list product link
  • Product Quick View : Ability to show On / Off product quick view option. Show product details in dialog box
  • Labels : Display “sale” and “new” labels based on defined labels in admin panel. Able to show On / Off product labels

Menu :

  • Menu types : Able to set default menu or custom mega menu
  • Background Colours : Able to define Top Menu Background Colors & Drop down menu background colors
  • Top Menu Border : Display On / Off top menu border and able to define color of the border
  • Fonts Options : Able to define top menu fonts and sub menu fonts. Also able to define top menu font colors and sub menu font colors
  • Custom Labels : Ability to set custom labels for any top categories and sub categories. Admin is able to set colours of the labels from admin panel
  • Custom Blocks : Ability to set your custom contents and banners using custom blocks in drop down menu. Also able to set your custom page link

Product Detail View :

  • Product Display Options : Able to define 1 column, 2 Column & 3 Column layout
  • Tabs & Accordion : Product tabs will be automatically changed to accordion based on product layout like in mobile view, 1024 resolution
  • Custom Blocks : Ability to define your custom contents or banners in side bar custom blocks as well as in bottom custom blocks
  • Brand Logo : Display product brand logo on each product detail page. Logo can be link to selected brand product listing page to navigate products
  • Cloud Zoom : Enable to enlarge product images. Show small products and navigate using sliders
  • Image Thumbnail Slider : Enable automatic scrolling of product thumbs
  • Related Products and Up-Sell Products : Show related products based on selected products and show up-sell products listing using sliders
  • Custom 2 Tabs : To display any static content info about more information, shipping, sales, payment terms, promotions or any other information. You can define video or any content easily
  • Social Sharing : Social sharing icons are inbuilt on product detail page

FLATASTIC is suitable for Fashion, Food, Kids, Entertainment, Mall, Supermarket, Computer, Furniture, Electronics, Mobile, Laptops & Tablets, Accessories, Clothing & Apparels, Cake, Footwear & Shoes, Gift, Flower, Fragrance / Perfumes, Jewelry, Cosmetic, Sunglasses, Watches & Wedding, Retail, Corporate, Sport / Gear, Technology, Hardware, Books / eBooks, Media / Digital Products, Home & Kitchen, Health, Beauty, Fitness, Travel & Bags, Games, Stationary and almost any kind of online brand store.

Version 1.6 (12 Aug, 2015)

    Added : Magento version 1.9.2 compatibility
    Added : RTL Support
    Added : Hot Deals functionality
    Added : Configurable Swatches
    Added : Minor CSS changes
    Solved : SEO Friendly     

Version 1.5 (31 Dec, 2014)

    Added : New Zoom features
    Added : Configurable Swatches
    Solved : Cloud Zoom - We remove cloud zoom to enhance zoom feature
    Solved : Layout Changes

Version 1.4 (24 Nov, 2014)

    Added : Megamenu & Vertical Menu
    Added : Layered Navigation with Price Slider
    Added : Sub-Category Listing Block on Category Page
    Added : Add admin option to enable/disable banner slider on home page
    Added : Add Equalheight function for category page
    Added : Add Lazyloading and Image Aspect Ratio feature on product file
    Added : Add new default banner slider options on admin
    Added : Add some new options on admin to change color
    Added : Add custom descriptin for each product to tab on product page    
    Added : Add a list of Text Which not translate by default magento
    Solved : Set Product Page review link to tab
    Solved : Solve header shopping_cart issue when add product using ajax it disply twice
    Solved : Solve some translation issue
    Solved : Solved brand logo url issue which take you to 404 not found page
    Solved : Disable js when product zoom functionality disable from admin
    Solved : Changed sidebar accordian menu
    Solved : Add admin product slider option to thumbnail slider and solve new , sale icon text translation issue
    Solved : Update Revolution Slider to the Latest version

Version 1.3 (12 June 14)

    Added : Magento Compatible Version 1.9.x
    Added : Additional small banners can be enable / disable at the right side of main slideshow
    Added : CMS Custom Blocks in Category Listing Page
    Added : Custom One Page Checkout Extension enable / disable from admin
    Added : Custom Sales By Country Admin Report
    Solved : CSS Issues
    Solved : Translation Issue

Version 1.2 (24 April 14)

    Added : Revolution Banner Slider extension
    Added : Promotional Popup with amdin ON/OFF option
    Added : Admin option - Sticky header Display on mobile
    Added : Typography
    Solved : Add to Cart Popup IE11 issue
    Solved : Mobile view issues
    Solved : Disable quick-view on Mobile view
    Solved : Addto Cart click issue on Mobile Device
    Solved : Addto Cart popup issue on Mobile Device
    Solved : Search in full width issue

Version 1.1 (29 March 14)

    Added : Product Detail Styles : Able to define 10 different layouts of the product page
    Added : Able to set vertical thumbnail in product detail page
    Added : Product Tabs Color, Font Color, Selected Tab Color
    Added : Sticky Header with logo option
    Added : Accordian Tab on product page in mobile device
    Added : Option to display Add to Compare, Wishlist and Email to friend buttons with different style
    Added : Extra Hover effects & Settings
    Solved : CSS issues
    Solved : Search features works on nexus pad
    Solved : Cross browser Issues
    Solved : Category Lable Z index


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