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Earn Money

Why You Are Not Making Money Blogging

Why You Are Not Making Money Blogging

Your-blog-is-not-making-money-300x252I am certain that you are here in this article because of the heading ( Why You Are Not Making Money Blogging )  . Obvious that it’s truly a conversational subject in which I would be sharing some stunning truth that why you will never Why You Are Not Making Money Blogging. Presently the most slanted topics in the blog-circle is the income reports of the A-Level blogger. People groups just wander around to see the income reports yet with the expectation of something else, whether to embarrass them or spread something else.

There are thousands of blogger who haven’t made a single dollar from that point blog because of some obvious reasons, however what are they? Perused this article full to realize what are the mistakes you are doing and that is the motivation behind why you are not able for Why You Are Not Making Money Blogging.

I won’t say that I am an expert blogger yet I ready to buy my sought things online, couple of months back when I was new to the blogging it was truly hard to survive and it took me months to get to the key of Why You Are Not Making Money Blogging online. I wouldn’t say that you would begin Why You Are Not Making Money Blogging online overnight yet in the event that you read this article then you could learn what mistakes you are doing.



Perk up! I know you are AWESOME. Quit feeling sorry about you and lets push forward:

Causes Why You Are Not Making Money Blogging online :

A considerable measure of bloggers has officially expounded on Why You Are Not Making Money Blogging online or to say make money blogging yet one that is still not secured is that – the amount of focus and mid-set a blogger needs to make money online. Measurements demonstrates that 80% of the bloggers won’t make money, I don’t think they aren’t having any sort of ebooks, softwares, tips yet at the same time they won’t because their brain won’t permit them.

Keeping in mind the end goal to succeed one’s consideration, focus and state of mind ought to be past other’s idea. Keeping in mind the end goal to snatch consideration from the group you should be additional one of a kind and ought to have innovative thoughts. So in this article I would spill a stunning truth that you can never make money blogging because of the accompanying reasons:

1. Absence of Concentration:

Try not to fantasize about making money online overnight once you began the procedure. The first and the chief explanation for the stunning truth that you can never make money blogging is that you are not giving much focus behind that specific work. There are many who have the fantasy of turning into the following master blogger yet just a couple can get the ticket. Because a large portion of the bloggers are excessively lethargic and just surf around the web to either search for hacking programming, a click to get to the highest point of search engines, cheat codes for blogging, make money overnight, and so on.

However, my proposal, rather investing energy behind those on the off chance that you compose an article of just 300 words then you could wind up with 5-6 awesome quality article. All things considered, I have included and separated the aggregate time invested + downloading energy + reading income reports/time taken to compose 1 article = the results.

Keeping in mind the end goal to be an expert blogger what you need is focus and the ability to compose more than 5,000 words article a day. Because you can see that a large portion of the star bloggers distribute 2-3 or considerably more articles every day.

2. Poor Search Engine Optimization

It’s exceptionally obvious that on the off chance that you use any sort of illicit approach to optimization your blog then the results you will get is a Penguin slap. The majority of the bloggers are excessively languid and want, making it impossible to gloat around his/companion by using black hat techniques. In spite of the fact that it will specifically take you blog to the following level and can make your blog’s traffic like Top blogs yet at the same time it’s an temporary optimization.

Will you be excessively glad, making it impossible to see you blog from the highest point of slope tumbling from the mountain? Just like that in the event that you use any black hat technique then you would get a brief change and following couple of days direct hit to the most reduced of least.

A legitimate optimization is must for the blogs with the goal that it would rank higher and could get most extreme uncover and advantages from the search engines. Learn SEO however much as could reasonably be expected yet don’t save your full time behind those other additional exercises instead of composing articles.

3. Burning through Money wrongly:

It is safe to say that you are one of the individuals who burn through hundred of bucks behind attractive templates, plugins, and so on? Likely there are 65% of blogger suffer from budget allocation because of spending money in wrong way. Companies guarantees to take your blog to the following level, develop backlinks, boost SEO and many different things yet the real truth is that they will just go futile in the event that you are not prepared to work with the changes. It’s prescribed not to burn through money on the frivolous things and ought to spare whatever is earned.

4. You Want To Make Money Overnight:

90% of the bloggers failed because of this reason. Individuals think blogging as those lottery, gamble games and want to make a one time kill. Be that as it may, hold up, have you ever considered seeing so as to make those much dollars your traffic and adsense report?

On the off chance that you are in the category of the bloggers who surmise that they could make thousands of dollar inside of 1-2 hours or in a day. At that point I am truly sorry to learn that it could never happen.

5. You don’t have believe in yourself:

Have you ever attempted to imaging yourself as the ace bloggers like Darren Rowse, Pat Flynn and the rest different experts? May be most certainly not. A man thinks from his heart, and it is. Thus in the event that you have faith in yourself that you could turn into the following star blogger then you would be one of them.

Tips for Students to Earn Money Online

Tips for Students to Earn Money Online



Tips for Students to Earn Money Online

Hi dear students , I am earning money online so I thought that I also have to share these steps with you all so that you all take advantage of online money earning for fulfilling your studies expenses; you can also visit for loan and finance assistance. So dear students and friends read this article carefully because it’s for your future and also it’s for your benefit . Also share this article with your friends Tips for Students to Earn Money Online .

Tips for Students to Earn Money Online
Tips for Students to Earn Money Online

Finest Methods to make Cash as a Student

Tips for Students to Earn Money Online ,Tips on how to earn cash as a Student? It’s a quite common Query; getting cash as a Pupil may be very simple. Each one desires to become profitable however doesn’t need to laborious work. There may be an idiom in English Language “No Ache, No achieve”. If you wish to obtain one thing, you’ll have to work onerous for it. Many of the college students spend their time to taking part in video video games, watching films or Fb further. They don’t assume that they’ll Make Cash On-line with some excellent strategies. There are totally different finest methods to earn money at residence however an important factor is that you’ll have to work more durable. Right this moment we are going to talk about the greatest on-line methods to earn a living and if you don’t like them, then click here to see more of them matching your skill and liking.

Running a blog

Tips for Students to Earn Money Online : Earn Cash by running a blog is without doubt one of the high methods to earn cash from residence. Are you able to generate profits from Running a blog? Sure! You possibly can. Begin your individual Weblog and make it a Greatest Weblog. There are various totally different websites which give you the chance to create your individual Free Weblog. is without doubt one of the greatest websites of them. Weblog is mainly your web site, you’ll be able to preserve your information and data there to share with the world.

Information Entry

Knowledge Entry is among the simplest way of incomes cash. You simply want some typing Abilities. You’ll get some captcha codes to sort and can paid for these captchas.

Freelance working

There are a lot of totally different websites which you pay you to finish some simple duties. You want some expertise to finish these duties. You need to inform them first what expertise you’ve. Then the corporate supplies you the work in accordance with your stage. You possibly can simply search the web sites that are discovering for freelance staff. All freelancer can earn cash with their expertise.

PTC or Paid to Clicks

There are a variety of Greatest Paid to Click on websites which pay you on your clicks and the perfect one is Probux. If you’re not focused on Running a blog of Freelancing then you are able to do this simple job. You simply should view some commercial given by firm. You can be paid zero.01 or zero.02 in response to the insurance policies of the Firm. It is likely one of the Greatest methods of On-line Incomes. Paid to click on in Pakistan is usually used.

Enjoying Video games

Sounds Loopy! However it’s true. You’ll be able to earn cash by enjoying on-line video games. It’s the demo checking of the businesses to imagine their recreation earlier than launching. You simply must get the best rating and might be paid to your work.

Article Writing

Tips for Students to Earn Money Online : There are completely different corporations or individuals on the web that gives cash to jot down for his or her merchandise. You simply must know tips on how to write an Article. Many individuals write Articles for Cash. On-line writing Articles jobs can be found at many locations of Web. Simply Search them on Google and you’ll get a number of outcomes. It’s the finest on-line work from home.

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Top 10 Google AdSense Earners in the World

Top 10 Google AdSense Earners in the World

Google AdSense is the highest paying online advertising program works on CPM basis. There are more than 35 million sites who are using AdSense to change their hard work into money.Google AdSense is the dream of every blogger. Every blogger wants to achieve an Google AdSense approved account and wants to be among the some of highest Google AdSense earners in the world.

You will thinking that is it really possible? The reply is “YES” not of mine but of those bloggers who are today being listed in the category of world’s top AdSense earners. They said this was also unimaginable for them as well but its not something which can’t be possible. And by their continuous matchless effort and hard work today these AdSense earners and bloggers make this phenomenon possible at all way.

That’s why today I have prepared a fresh list of top 10 Google AdSense earners in the world.This article is writing for motivating our bloggers to work hard on their website or blog as they blogger did. You need to make them your ideals.

Top 10 Google AdSense Earners in the World

1. Pete CashMore

Top 10 Google AdSense earners in the world

Pete CashMore is at no.1 among top ten Google AdSense Earners in the World. He is the founder of He started his website while he was only 19 years old guy. This website is generally provide information about entertainment, News, tech & social media etc. Pete Cashmore right now is living in Scotland. We have precise the first place in top ten AdSense earners to Pete Cashmore since his monthly earnings from Google Adsense is…..

Monthly Earning: Around 455,000$

Monthly Unique visitors: Approximately 4,000,000

Monthly page views: 16400000 and keep increasing.

Page views per day: 31,100,000

Alexa Rank: 282 (Global Rank)


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#2. Jack Herrick

Top 10 Google AdSense earners in the world

Jack Herrick is the founder & CEO of the world’s well-liked and famous website He created his website in February 2005. The aspiration of Jack Herrick is to provide How to do guides to help his users in daily life, his website is about How to guides for the everything. He gives amplification everything it appears that with pictures. You can find out every general thing by visit his website You can also publish your How to guides on He is a hard working personality. He gives good reason for second place in our list top ten AdSense earners in the world because his monthly earnings from Google Adsense is…..

Monthly Earning: Approx 165,000 $

Monthly Unique visitors: 1,000,000

Monthly page views: 82,000000 and keep increasing.

Page views per day: 15,200,000.

Alexa Rank: 186 (Global Rank)


#3. Kevin P Ryan

Top 10 Google AdSense earners in the world

Kevin P Ryan is the CEO & founder of He comes into view on Goggle in 2009. He is right now living in New York City. Kevin’s blog is regarding news, Business & technology. He is one of the top AdSense earners in the world. He worked hard as well as makes his website detectable to his user in just a couple of years. He gives good reason for second place in our list top ten AdSense earners in the world because his monthly earnings from Google Adsense is…..

Monthly Earning: Approx 120,000 $

Monthly Unique visitors: 500,000

Monthly page views: 62000000 and keep increasing.

Page views per day: 9,200,000

Alexa Rank: 202 (Global Rank)


#4. Jeff Pillou

jeff pillow

Jeff Pillou is the founder of He started his website in 2010. He at this time lives in London. He started his website when he was only 20 years old guy. He started his website with his two other friends Madeline Rahul and Dawn Reissing. Currently they are become successful bloggers in the world. It’s all outstanding to their hard work. Jeff Pillou justifies 4th position in our list of top 10 AdSense earners in the wrold, because his monthly earnings from Google Adsense is…..

Monthly Earning: About 97,000 $

Monthly Unique visitors: 350,000

Monthly page views: 59000000 and keep increasing.

Page views per day: 5,600,000

Alexa Rank: 1,273 (Global Rank)


#5. Hongkiat Lim 

Top 10 Google AdSense earners in the world

Hongkiat Lim is one of the most popular and top bloggers in the world. He is the CEO and creator of He created his website in 2007. He resigned from his job at a limited company for the sake of his users. That’s why I have placed him at position number 5 at our list of top 10 AdSense earners. He is 41 Years old. He is a hardworking person. Hongkiat presently lives in Hong Kong. He does the whole thing at his personal. He writes his article by self, his monthly earnings from Google Adsense is…..

Monthly Earning: About 76,000 $

Monthly Unique visitors: 199,000

Monthly page views: 53,838,289 and keep increasing.

Page views per day: 1,200,456

Alexa Rank: 1,792 (Global Rank)


#6. Amit Agarwal

Top 10 Google AdSense earners in the world

He is the CEO & founder of (Digital Inspiration). He presently lives in India. He is the most popular and successful Blogger in India. That’s why I have placed him on position 6 in our list of top ten AdSense earners in the world. He created his blog in 2004. He is single person of the oldest bloggers on the Internet. He is a full time bloggers. He leaves his jobs for the sake of his users. He is 46 years old Blogger. He has been features in a lot of websites, news papers also local news channels. He is a hard working guise. He gives good reason for position number 6 in our list of top ten AdSense earners on the world. His monthly earnings from Google Adsense is…..

Monthly Earning: About 57,000 $

Monthly Unique visitors: 153,000

Monthly page views: 34,200,100 and keep increasing.

Page views per day: 89,000

Alexa Rank: 3,725 (Global Rank)


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#7. Amit Bhawani

Top 10 Google AdSense earners in the world

Amit Bhawani is the founder of He created his blog in 2011. He right now lives in India. He is also one of the top Google AdSense earners in the world. He has a 2nd largest website of India. He is also a full time bloggers. Users love his article. He is a very hard working guise. He is in our top 10 AdSense earners list since of his hard work. His monthly earnings from Google Adsense is…..

Monthly Earning: Around 30,000 $

Monthly Unique visitors: 134,000

Monthly page views: 23,235,300 and keep increasing.

Page views per day: 69,000

Alexa Rank: 127,132 (Global Rank)


#8. Jaspal Singh 

Top 10 Google AdSense earners in the world

Jaspal Singh is the founder and CEO of He is currently lives in India, Mumbai. He created his blog in 2010. He is now a most popular and successful Blogger in India. He is earning handsome revenue from his blog. He is also a full time blogger. He is much well-liked in India. He is a very hard working persona. We like his style as well as hard work. He gives good reason for the 8th position in our list of top ten AdSense earners. His monthly earnings from Google Adsense is…..

Monthly Earning: About 23,000 $

Monthly Unique visitors: 100,000

Monthly page views: 9,792,901 and keep increasing.

Page views per day: 58,000

Alexa Rank: 49,294 (Global Rank)


#9. Mohammad Mustafa AhmedZai 

Top 10 Google AdSense earners in the world

Mohammad Mustafa AhmedZai is the CEO and creator of He is from Pakistan, Karachi. He created his website in 2008. He is the single personality in Pakistan with the registered blogging company called ‘’STC Network’’. He is a full time blogger. He made some widgets as well as Templates for newbie. He deserves the 9th position in our list of top ten AdSense earners. His monthly earnings from Google Adsense is…..

Monthly Earning: approximately 15,000$

Monthly Unique visitors: 85,000

Monthly page views: 6,878,838 and keep increasing.

Page views per day: 47,000

Alexa Rank: 8,794 (Global Rank)


#10. Naveed Javed

Top 10 Google AdSense earners in the world

He is the CEO & founder of He has a great position in the bloggers community of Pakistan. He started his website in 2009. He is earning handsome amount of money with presently one blog. He lives right now in Lahore. He is very hardworking guise. Due to his low earning, I have placed him at the last position in the top ten Google AdSense earners in the world.

Monthly Earning: About 12,000

Monthly Unique visitors: 47,000

Monthly page views: 2,894,393 and keep increasing.

Page views per day: 38,000

AlexaRank: 31,167 (Global Rank)




Earn Money Online With Me No Joke

Earn Money Online With Me No Joke


Want to earn money :- I have group of people who have work with me , its a win win situation for both section.

Who can work with me?

Anyone who have internet access and know able to create accounts on websites online.

How to work ?

I will show you through images and please contact me for query.



search for profile

if you cant find backlink of that website you can create a backlink. and add details in below form.


add website


Email :


Some Ways to earn money online without cost

1. Affiliate Marketing: Sell Other People’s Stuff Online

Because affiliate marketing does not require that you have your own products to sell, I consider it the fastest and simplest way to start an Internet business – especially for those new to online business and Internet marketing.

In a nutshell, affiliate marketing works like this:

  1. You join a merchants’s affiliate program; e.g. Amazon, Friendfinder, Zappos.
  2. You place your affiliate link for that program somewhere on your website.
  3. When a visitor to your clicks through that link and buys a product (or fills in a form, or gives the merchant an email address, etc.), you are credited with the sale (click, lead, referal) and make a commission.
  4. The company then sends you a check.

Pretty simple, huh?

Here are a few articles and videos that I have prepared to help you decide whether or not you should become an affiliate marketer.


2. Sell Your Own Products

The most lucrative way to do business on the Internet is to sell your own product.

However, there are lot of factors to consider if you are planning to sell your own products online such as the payment system, the storage as well as the shipping. But more importantly, if you were to attract clients, you must first form a good business plan. And the business plan writers cost has been at an all-time low, so it’s a good time for one to hire them. If you were to click for more information on the payments method, you’d know that there are a copious number of methods.

Although there are already companies that offer order fulfillment solutions such as pick and pack services, drop shipping or even a complete fulfillment systems including the payment processing.

Depending on the type of product you will be selling online you may not need to store and to ship any goods.

Software and information products, in particular, are the best-selling products on the ‘Netand enjoy the best profit margins. Most cost virtually nothing but time to develop and entail no storage or shipping costs.

Can you write? Then write an ebook to sell on Clickbank and Amazon. You can even turn it into a softcover using a PoD (Print-on-Demand) service. (Just in case you are thinking, “I’m not a writer, that’s not for me“, everyone has knowledge that someone else wants and there are a number of ways to produce an infoproduct without having to write a word.)

Are you a programmer? Create a piece of software for the business community OR better yet, build an iPad application. An October 2011 report stated that there are half a million apps in the Apple store, 140 thousand of which are iPad apps.

Learn more about developing your own product.


3. Build a Membership Site

If you have your own infoproduct, you have the basis for creating a membership site, much as I’ve done with my Academy, which uses Wishlist Member software on a WordPress blog platform. (To see how easy it is to install a blog, watch my 1-Minute Blog Installation video.)

In a membership site, your customers can be offered so much more than a one-time PDF download, such as; videos, a forum, a news blog and fresh information on a regular basis. I’ve found that this method of delivery simplifies matters when I have new material introduced to my students. Just post to the blog and every member is automatically notified by email.

To learn more about this topic, please read Wishlist Member Review: How to Turn Your WordPress Blog into a Membership Site.


4. Sell Your Services

Many programmers, writers, graphic artists and data entry workers sell their services online through sites such as Elance.

One friend of mine makes her living designing business cards and other printed materials for businesses, online printing is very popular now a days, lots of people love to use the services from companies like MyCreativeShop. She sells her design service online. My friend Joel is a skilled web designer. He has turned his skill into a full-time business which he advertises on his website and offline. He has also been my trusted virtual assistant for years.


5. Buy and Sell Websites

Have you noticed how many home renovation and house flipping shows there are on TV nowadays? Well, webmasters are doing the same thing with websites. They go to a website broker such as the Sitepoint Marketplace and find a site that is getting traffic but may be so ugly that it turns those visitors away. Or, it is making a small amount of money, but with a design overhaul, it could make a lot more money.

A webmaster with design experience will go in there, give it a facelift and put it back on the market. Beware though, some of the prices are absolutely ridiculous. I just saw a really ugly affiliate dating site that only affiliated with Friendfinder, 79 inbound links, an Alexa rating of 453,348,172 advertised for $100,000 US. Who did they think they were they kidding?


6. Dropshipping

Drop shipping is a product delivery method in which the seller accepts payment for an order, but the customer receives the product(s) directly from the manufacturer.

For example, I have a dropshipping arrangement with a watch manufacturer in New York City and sell his watches at I buy the watches at wholesale prices in blocks of 10, advertise the watches on my site and use PayPal to accept payment for each sale. When the order comes in I (or more likely, Joel, my assistant) forwards the order to the manufacturer, and they ship it to the customer, which accomplishes a part of the Customer Service Goals you’d have had. If I was more energetic, I would also sell those watches on eBay. :-)

Learn more about dropshipping as a way to make money online.


7. Become a Reseller

Buying resale rights and reselling products is a little more expensive to set up than affiliate program sales, but you also make more money as a reseller.

For example, I used to sell software called Headline Creator that helps people automatically create killer headlines. I could have sold Headline Creator Pro as an affiliate and earned a 50% commission on each $29 sale ($14.50 per sale). However, it made more sense to buy the resale rights for $79.00, which allowed me to keep 100% of the sale price, or the full $29.00 for each sale made. After selling only 4 copies, I had covered my cost for the resale licence and was earning 100% profits on each copy sold.

To learn more about this topic, please read Resale Rights: How to Make Money Online Reselling Other People’s Products“.

Resale rights packages that I recommend are:

  1. Jeremy Burns’ “Source Code Goldmine“
  2. Tom Hua’s “eBookWholesaler“

There are also many available on Clickbank.


8. Sell Public Domain Works

Somewhat similar to reselling ebooks, some online marketers have made a fortune finding, repackaging and selling public domain works. Public domain is any work that is not copyright protected and includes materials created prior to 1922, works created for public use, government documents unless otherwise specified, and works whose copyright has expired.

The real trick is in being able to find works in the public domain. Yanik Silver is a specialist in this area and has a 3-volume set of CD audios. To learn more about repackaging and selling works in the public domain, please read Public Domain: Old but NOT Decrepit.


9. Sell at Online Auctions

If you’re like most people, you probably have things in your basement, closets or garage that you’d like to get rid of but are too valuable to throw away. Well, have you ever heard the saying, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure?” Not only do other people want your old stuff, they’re willing to pay for it – and you can reach a much wider market by selling that stuff through an online auction site like eBay.

The online auction business is also a relatively inexpensive and easy business to start on the Internet because you don’t need a website and it’s free to sign up for an eBay account. It takes only a few minutes to list your items, and each listing costs only pennies.

Learn more about making money with internet auctions.


10. Buy and Sell Domain Names

The fellow from whom I bought my current home was a ‘domainer’. He made a fortune buying and selling domain names — and he’s now living in an even bigger house. :-)

Do you have a great idea for a domain name that someone may want later? Go to GoDaddy, buy it, then offer it up for sale at some ridiculous price. You never know who will bite. I’ve been watching to see who buys ‘’ for $2,050.00. No, not my domain name… I’d go for the pink.


11. Cash Park Your Domains

Have you bought a bunch of domain names from GoDaddy that you haven’t had a chance to work on yet? You can elect “Cash Parking” for those domains and earn 60% of the advertising revenue generated. The basic plan is $3.99 per month, or less if you set it up for 12 or 24 months. The premium plan is $9.99 per month which entitles you to earn 80% of the advertising revenueand includes free Domain Name Aftermarket membership… which is great if you want to sell those domains.


12. Online Surveys

Understanding how consumers think and why we choose certain products over others, enables companies to improve their goods and services. The better they understand consumers, the more money they make. So, every year, companies in the United States spend over 250 Billion dollars trying to convince consumers to buy their products and services, and a huge amount is devoted to market research.

Those companies have gone online, offering to pay people like you and me for our opinions, and sometimes up to $150 for our participation.

To learn more about the potential for making money with online surveys and which sites pay what, please read Can You REALLY Make Money with Paid Online Surveys?.


There are SO many ways to make money online. Choose from auction selling, affiliate marketing, reselling, or selling your own product, but DO choose! The sooner you start, the sooner you can move on to ANOTHER type of online selling and DIVERSIFY your eBusiness.

What I DO know is that the more you diversify, the more you will learn, and the MORE money you will make online.

Which Programming Language Should You Learn To Make Money?

I often hear people ask what programming language they should learn first. But the question should be: why do you want to program in the first place? If you are interested in it because it seems fun, then any language will do.

But I have a feeling some of you have bills to pay, and you’re thinking it wouldn’t be so bad if programming could foot some of that.

Now the question is more specific: which programming language should you learn to make money? Now the question is ponderable, but be warned, the answer won’t be the same for everybody.

The good news is that all popular languages are pretty fair in terms of compensation. The median pay today with 3-5 years of experience is around $60-80k/year, but that number can vary wildly, and can be much higher, particularly for folks on the east or west coast, or in consulting. YMMV.

The popular languages today are: Ruby, Python, PHP, Objective-C, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Java, .Net, C/C++. Google all of those.

Each language has its popular uses:

Language Popular Use
Python/Ruby/PHP Server-side for websites and mobile apps.
Objective-C IPhone
HTML Client-side for websites. Markup language for building web sites, the ‘building block’ of websites.
CSS Client-side for websites. Presentation language for HTML.
JavaScript Client-side for websites, used to manipulate HTML/CSS. jQuery is what you need to know here.
Java/.Net Android programming. Server-side for websites, more popular with big businesses.
C/C++ High performance (stock trading) or graphics (video games).

Which programming language should you learn to make money? The bad news is probably not just one. The good news is you don’t need to learn everything about every language, just enough to accomplish your goals.

So which one of these should you pick up first? As you can see, it really depends on how you want to make money.

If you don’t care how you’ll make money, then my opinion would be this, in order: Python, Objective-C, JavaScript, HTML, CSS. You’ll also need to get some kind of database (MySQL, MongoDB), and learn how to program with it, although that’s not a big problem.

If you want to program video games or high-frequency trading apps, then C++ is probably the way for you. If you want to make websites, Python, Ruby or PHP are great, along with HTML/CSS/JS. If you want to program IPhone then Objective-C is the way.

JavaScript, HTML and CSS are used together and is used for making stuff look good in your web browser. They will always be used in conjunction with a server-side language such as Python, Ruby or PHP.

In the job market, you would not likely not be using all the languages I suggested, rather jobs are generally broken out by skills:

Job Role Skill Set
Back-end/Server-side Programmer Usually uses one of the following: Python, Ruby, PHP, Java or .Net. Has database knowledge. Possibly has some sysadmin knowledge.
Front-end/Client-side Programmer HTML, CSS, JavaScript. Possibly has design skill.
Mobile Programmer Objective-C or Java (for Android). HTML/CSS for mobile websites. Potentially has server-side knowledge.
3d Programmer/Game Programmer C/C++, OpenGL, Animation. Possibly has good artistic skill.
High-Performance Programmer C/C++, Java. May have background in mathematics or quantitative analysis.

Typically, there are folks who deal with the back-end and folks who deal with the front-end. These days there is a new crop of people who do mobile. Sometimes you can find people who do all of the above, but generally when you look for a job you will fill just one of those roles.

When learning these languages, start small. Don’t start by wanting to build the next Facebook, it’s not going to happen. Start with small projects and find tutorials. Google ‘hello world python’ or ‘hello world javascript’ to find simple tutorials to get started. Once you can program projects for yourself and friends, then you will be ready to put a portfolio together to try to get a job, or start with some freelance work to build up that portfolio. You can definitely do it.

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