Magento function most useful

Magento get full product image url
Magento get product collection filter by category
Magento get current store information
Magento get order details
Magento get current category details
Magento Get Form Key
Magento get quote details
Magento Get product Attribute Value
Magento Exclude Out Of Stock From Front Page
Magento get simple product from configurable
Magento assign simple product to configurable programmatically
Magento Get Configurable Products collection
Magento create category programmatically
Magento create product programmatically
Magento get Tracking number from order
Magento get shipment id from order
Magento get quote from order
Magento Get Customer Details
Magento get url parameters on phtml
Magento get invoice id from order increment id
Magento get PayPal Transaction Id
Magento get admin user id
Magento get admin user role
Magento create invoice programmatically from Order
Magento format price currency
Get list all bundle products in Magento
Get custom attribute label in Magento
Magento Get Attribute Code By Id
Magento get discounted Price of Product
Magento get Most Viewed Products
Magento get best selling products Collection
Magento get ip address
Magento Get Product Type
Magento get all disabled Products
Magento get out of stock products
Magento Get Product Availability by Product Id
Magento get list of Products in Comparison List
Magento Get Child Categories
Magento – get price rules from order
Magento get order id from increment id
Magento create shipment programmatically
Magento Get All Visible Items From Quote
Magento Get All Visible Items From Order
Magento Login Customer Programmatically
Magento send transactional email programmatically
Magento Delete Products Programmatically
Magento update product programmatically
Magento load shipment by shipment id
Magento add custom error messages
Magento set product status programmatically
Magento update customer programmatically
Magento clear cart session
Magento get last insert id
Magento error service temporarily unavailable
Magento create Root category programmatically
Magento Core Query – Read Write
Magento export products in csv
Magento 2 get current url
Magento get invoice from order
Magento get shipments for order
Magento remove item from cart programmatically
Magento add product to cart in programmatically
Android Connect to Magento
Magento set frontend session time out limit
Magento Collection Filter
Magento Get Payment Information
Magento check if customer is logged in
Magento check if admin user logged in or not
Magento category ID from product ID
Magento Create Helper
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