Latency between Amazon Web Services Regions

Recently I’ve had to spend quite a bit of time working out which of the 5 Amazon regions is best positioned for various services I’ve been setting up. As part of this I measured the latency between each of the Amazon regions. For anyone who’s interested – here are the results.

Note: For ease of reading I’ve including all measurements under each region. Half of the data will therefore be duplicated as I’ve assumed (rightly or wrongly) that EU-West -> US-East is the same as US-East -> EU-West (for example).

From US-West to…

  • US-East: 82 ms
  • AP-North: 130 ms
  • EU-West: 155 ms
  • AP-South: 185 ms

From US-East to…

  • US-West: 82 ms
  • EU-West: 101 ms
  • AP-North: 199 ms
  • AP-South: 256 ms

From EU-West to…

  • US-East: 101 ms
  • US-West: 155 ms
  • AP-North: 282 ms
  • AP-South: 292 ms

From AP-North to…

  • AP-South: 84 ms
  • US-West: 130 ms
  • US-East: 199 ms
  • EU-West: 282 ms

From AP-South to…

  • AP-North: 84 ms
  • US-West: 185 ms
  • US-East: 256 ms
  • EU-West: 292 ms

These numbers represent the rounded average ping time over 30 measurements between two EC2 instances, one in each region. They were all performed on the 8th June 2011.

I’ve put them here for curiosity value only. I strongly recommend you perform your own tests if you plan on making any decisions based on the outcome.

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