I left my job due to these reasons

Last company i worked there look like i work in a dream but in that company[name Hidden], after some challenging work its not like key motivator and that the main reason.I learn magento and advance more here but in about last quarter  i cant learn anything new.

I feel underpaid as well.



grown irritable and uncharacteristically stressed over the past few months.


Below are other top reasons for quit jobs

  • Gossipy coworkers
  • A disagreement with your manager
  • A company mission or strategy you don’t believe in
  • Company culture or values you don’t agree with, such as its hierarchy or mandatory stand-up meetings
  • Company ethics that clash with your own; for example you might disagree with the way your company handles its clients
  • work-life balance is changed as well.


Now from last many months i worked as a freelancer in freelancer.com, elance and guru and became top 1000 freelancers in world.




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