Why I hate Facebook personally ?

Why I hate Facebook personally because of :

    1. Its Interface
    2. Ok I admit I am no geek, so I took more than a week to understand the setting and buttons on Facebook. I hate Facebook as it no way supports the KISS(Keep it simple Silly) principle. There are buttons on every nook and cranny demanding some attention and action.


      Once registered you might be guided to fill this or that part simply because Facebook knows that you are lost. Settings have been categorized and then sub-categorized. Most never make sense initially and when you are fed up of the constant reminders, notifications, poking, tagging etc. you will never find which setting to change.


      I thought may be I am the only one until I did a Google trends for “Facebook help”, just check the results and you will understand what I mean.
    1. Privacy Issues
    2. Do I even need to elaborate this! Facebook has always been hated because of their lack of Privacy. Facebook was made for people to connect & socialize. Perhaps Mr Zuck never guessed that millions will connect in so fast without even realizing that Facebook is about sharing almost everything. Users started to hate facebook because of this and in came Google and Google+ corrected this. Facebook was later forced to add Privacy settings and now you can choose with whom you want to share.


      Even after enhanced Privacy settings still some countries believe that Tagging is a serious violation of User Privacy. I personally never add any private photos on Facebook profile but my friends can easily upload any group picture and anyone can Tag it. Now I have the option of un-tagging my picture and also reporting to Facebook….great ! Others can add you to Facebook Groups, but hey, you can leave that group later !
    1. Lack of Control and Timeline
    2. I cannot change the Interface in anyway. I cannot choose the colour or the template or anything about how Facebook may look however Facebook can always keep testing their ideas and later without asking change it to frightening “Timeline”. Timeline what ???


      I told before, I hate Facebook interface and learned to navigate in a week or so and when I was a bit comfortable they changed it to Timeline. Should I bother to understand the timeline, hell I would!
    1. Notifications and Emails
    2. There is a very thin line between Notification/Reminders and SPAM. Facebook used it to its benefit. Whether you want it or not people keep tagging and adding you in Groups and Facebook would flood you with notifications. There are Game requests and notifications for that too. I never played a single game and yet am flooded with Game requests !


      Thankfully Facebook reduced the E-mails sent else whenever I would not be able to get online for a week or so, it would fill my Inbox and bombard me with reminders and notifications.
    1. Waste of Time
    2. I log into Facebook and 99% of times I see “Good Morning”, “Good Evening”,”Hi” with no other updates. Then there are people who would update almost everything e.g. when they wake up, eat, sleep, f*rt, etc. I think Facebook has given this false belief to everyone that they matter online. Everyone is there to write their opinion and I am forced to skim through a lot of Garbage.


      I also waste time by un-tagging and leaving bizarre groups which I am added regularly. While I changed the setting already yet I wonder how this thing never stops.


    There are people who are in a race to have more friends than some other idiot and you will get Friend requests from people whom you do not know.

While I may hate the Facebook yet this website is viral. Can you believe that there almost 8-10% fake profiles on Facebook. So think about it ! There are millions who waste not only their time but even yours with more than 1 profile ! I have met people who spend hours everyday online liking, sharing, tagging, grouping, gaming, posting, following and what not on Facebook. They tell me “Time has killed them, now they are killing time through Facebook”. Do they realize that at the end of the day they are doing “nothing” in real sense !Why I hate Facebook as a User ?





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