Google Launched There New Logo

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As you’ll no doubt know, given the blanket coverage thus far and the fact you evidently use the internet, Google has given its logo the largest overhaul in 16 years. Instead of being written with a serif typeface, the new logo is written with a custom designed geometric sans-serif typeface. The colours of the letters are blue, red, yellow, and green as before. So what’s the point?

The point is simplification. Google wanted:

A scalable mark that could convey the feeling of the full logotype in constrained spaces.

In small words: a logo that can be produced and seen in smaller sizes than before. This is an essential functional quality since the Google logo today not only appears on computer screens but in several other applications, including wearable devices, with less space available.

Google also states other reasons for the logo change. These, roughly said, deal with reflecting the spirit of the company better as it widens its activities.

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ome companies change gradually as part of a long-sighted plan. 3M have changed their logo more than 30 times in the last hundred years. Most of the changes were simplifications. When 3M (and other companies) reached the bone they stopped changing.

Google has adjusted its logo a number of times – the last time being in 2014 when it moved the “g” and the “l” microscopically.

There are other reasons than the strictly practical to simplify logos. In a world that is already filled with clutter, simplicity is a strong message. It is the designer’s noblest aspiration to explain a complex world in simple

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