Flipkart silently launched its Flipkart API finally ! Today while checking my Flipkart Affiliate account I found 2 extra links

  1. Affiliate API Token
  2. Flipkart API FAQs

in the navigation bar. Last time when we compared Flipkart affiliate and Amazon India affiliate we told that Flipkart Affiliate did not have API while Amazon affiliate provided one. Launch of Flipkart API brings Flipkart at par with Amazon affiliate now !

Flipkart API would enable Indian web-developers, Publishers to develop custom websites or applications which can officially use API to make customized shopping comparison, or affiliate links depending on page content programmatically. This would also help to cope with common affiliate marketing problems now. So no more hacks, no more scraping just official API calls ! Of course Flipkart API is still in BETA Phase and like with most softwares might remain so for long time .

While we have not got our hands dirty with Flipkart API like we did with Amazon Product advertising API yet, but would love to do so soon ! Few Flipkart API limitations worth noting

  1. API Response is in 2 formats only JSON and XML (both popular industry standards though)
  2. Presently Book and ebooks category not available through API
  3. Flipkart API access is granted only to affiliates registered with Flipkart Affiliate Program.
  4. Unlike Amazon affiliate India Flipkart affiliate API allows only one token per affiliate account. This should not be a problem unless you change the token, in which case your previous token will be disabled !
  5. Maximum 50 results are returned in one requests and for more you need to make more request till the end of data.
  6. Max rate-limit of 20 API Calls per second
  7. Only JAVA sample application provided for understanding No PHP samples till now.

While Flipkart affiliate API does not set maximum limit for API Calls per day, but I would not be surprised if they add it later! You can get more details here. I will try to follow up with a Flipkart API tutorial soon. Happy buying till then.



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