Best app for mac for developers

best app for mac for developers


Bartender ($15, keeps your Mac’s menu bar tidy, by hiding lesser used icons in a separate menu.

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cd to (Free, is a simple Finder extension which opens a Terminal in the current folder

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Stop memorizing or reusing passwords and use LastPass (Free, to remember the seventeen different logins to iTunes Connect for your different clients.


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TextExpander ($34.95, helps expand short abbreviations into longer snippets. This is useful for code, but also for other things like typing out your company’s address in an email.

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Many tasks in Git are much easier with a good GUI. I use Tower ($59.00, for more complex tasks like merging and staging partial commits.

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If you work with teams in various countries, Clocks ($2.99, is a simple tool which sits in your menu bar and shows you the current time at a glance.

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If you work with databases, do yourself a favour and get a native app to interface with them. Base ($26.99, does a great job for SQLite databases, while RoboMongo (Free,  works with MongoDB. Clearly there’s not much variation in the icon design for database apps!

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The choice of text editor is very personal. I’ve been using Atom (Free, for the last year, and it’s rapidly improving. Recent changes to auto-complete have made the editor very slick to use.

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Bind a keyboard shortcut to Dash (Free, and you can easily check the documentation for a huge number of languages with a few keystrokes. This is great if you’re working in one language, say Swift, and forget how to do something in another language, say CSS.

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Jumpcut (Free, is one of those tools you don’t realise how much you rely on until you use a computer without it. It stores your clipboard history, and lets you choose which item to paste. So for example you can copy two items in quick succession, then paste both.

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When colleagues ask you to do things, don’t interrupt your flow. Fire up Things ($49.99,, add a quick todo, and come back to it later. Slicker than a TODO.txt, you can organise your todo lists into projects and even add recurring todos.

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If you need to generate promo codes for the App Store, you can use Tokens ($29.00, without ever having to open a browser. Tokens will keep track of which tokens have been redeemed too, so you know if your marketing is working.

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If you have a Mac with a small SSD, it can quickly fill up with temporary files when developing. DaisyDisk ($9.99, will help you track down what’s taking up space on your disk – whether a huge DerivedData folder or that movie you  downloaded and forgot about.

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The hardest part of using source control is the occasional tricky merge. Learn not to dread merges with Kaleidoscope ($69.99,, a beautifully designed app for diffs and merges. It will even let you compare images.

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