Amazon CloudFront : Optimize your Web Applications

Websites containing static and dynamic contents might get a lot of traffic from all over the world. Is there any good way to ensure that we are able to handle huge amount of traffic so that we could deliver the content faster?

Yes, with Amazon Cloudfront you can improve the performance, reliability and global reach of your entire applications and websites for static content, dynamic portions of website that changes for each user and both live & on demand streaming.

  • First, you need to store your files and contents within one or more origin servers. These origin servers can either be on AWS as AWS EC2, elastic load balancers and Amazon s3 or within your local servers running outside of AWS. You can as well use cloud server hosting platform. Click here to learn about its benefits.
  • Create an Amazon cloudfront distribution which references the location of your original files.
  • Amazon cloudfront delivers the content through worldwide network of datacenters called edge-locations.
  • When a user request the content, he is routed to the edge-location that serves the content with minimum delay.Therefore, the content is delivered with the best possible performance.

It provides access control mechanism to ensure that no unauthorized user can access or download your files and data.We can also monitor cloudfront distribution through cloudwatch.

The device type information can be used to generate different versions of your content. It can also detect the country where end users are accessing our content from. It can then pass the information of country to our custom origin servers. These origin servers can generate different versions of the content for users in different countries.

Where it can be used?

  • If your E-commerce and other applications are highly personalized and you need fast discovery of products via search and browse, Amazon Cloudfront provides a better way of performance optimization and data retrieval.
  • In media and entertainment, to stream videos and live events to global viewers.
  • In social media applications that have personalized and interactive content such as integrating user profiles, preferences, friends and activities.The result of these features is a huge content that require frequent hits to origin servers.Amazon cloudfront’s network and path optimization can help to make the delivery of these content faster.
  • Sports and news applications need to be optimized for users since the content needs to be cached in Amazon cloudfront for short periods of time so that the visitors can get the latest news and live updates quickly.
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