‘ facing issue with this type of special in my blog

After searching so many post and pages then i wil find this will due to some following reasons:

If you are seeing some special characters as mentioned below in your wordpress blog post after moving or changing server, then that is the same issue I’m addressing in this blog post.

’ “ ” … – — ‒ √ ℯx π ℯ ÷ ‘

Why Special Characters Appearing on WordPress Blog?

Before we start fixing this issue, lets know the reason behind this issue. You are seeing wired characters on wordpress blog because there is Character Sets problem in your database.

So all I did was move to a new hosting provider, and my curly quotes all got messed up.

I noticed that my old wp-config.php had the following line commented out:

/** Database Charset to use in creating database tables. */

#define(‘DB_CHARSET’, ‘utf8’);

In my current config that “define” line was not commented out.

Simply commenting out that define fixed my quoting issue.

To comment out just put “//” or “#” in front of the line (i dunno which is the proper php way, both seem to work)

It’s worth a try anyhow if you have this define in your wp-config.php.




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